Chi Body Balance

You can now cleanse yourself & your space with the wonderful aroma of sacred Sage - without smoke! Our organic Sage smudging mist can be used to cleanse and clear your home, office, car, meditation space or yourself. 

Why Use Our Cleansing Sage Mist?

To keep yourself protected from negative energies and to protect your space, the Smoke free Sage Cleansing Mist is ideal! Sage is one of the oldest and purest methods of cleansing. Made with distilled water in New Moon energy and charged with Reiki. All bottles contain a crystal quartz to dispel negative energy and black tourmaline for protection. Spray yourself and your surroundings and feel immediately uplifted! The main reason to clear yourself, your home, your car or your office—is to remove negative energies. Negativity can occur for a number of reasons: people, noise, stagnant air, antiques or used furniture & objects, can drive us crazy energetically and we may feel the need to remove the heaviness by cleansing. Sage spray is a great alternative when in a no-smoke area like a hotel and the travel size can be placed in a purse.  

Suggested wording when spraying: "I use this sacred sage to cleanse all negative vibrations from my body, my home and my spirit".

"I had a great experience with my Reiki session. I wanted to especially Thank You for the insightful messages which you picked up during the session, you hit the nail on the head regarding some issues and this was surprising, you are truly a marvel!" 

Maria L.
Toronto, Canada

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Welcome beautiful souls! My name is Cinthia Fani and I'm an Energy Healer, Intuitive Mentor, Reiki Master, Life Transformation Coach & Angel Card Reader. My mission is to aid & support you in achieving a more balanced, vibrant and harmonious lifestyle. My healing energy sessions are mind blowing & help you release emotional, mental and physical blocks which prevent you from following your dreams along with my intuitive tools which provide clarity & guidance to move forward. 

I invite you to browse with an open mind & open heart and should you have any questions or special requests, please contact me. 

My favorite saying:   "follow your heart & intuition, because they already know what you want to become"     ~ Steve Jobs